Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm completely in love with...

CUCUMBERS! Glorious cucumbers. I got a really good deal at Fred Meyers on a box of them. So here are some of the top uses I have found for them:

1) Juice. Juice and more juice. They give any juice you make some volume and a refreshing taste. It pairs well with anything really. But I'm very fond of it with lemon and romaine and maybe some ginger.

2.) Cucumber noodles! Oh my oh my. I'm so geeky to be this excited about cucumber noodles. I saw a recipe on one of the many blogs I stalk haunt read. It was for a zucchini and I've had those before and loved it as noodles but since I have a plethora of cucumbers I gave it a peel whirl

  • So first I peel it (and toss peel because it wasn't organic)
  • Then I peel again.. happy happy fettucine like noodles
  • Do not peel all the way down as you will get to the seeds
  • Toss with a dab of your favorite dressing ( I used Annie's Goddess dressing)
  • Throw in some extras like raw hemp seeds
  • Now I find the noodles are a bit wet, I suppose you could try to squeeze out the excess fluid but I like it like that and you're getting all the hydration!

3.) Don't throw out the seeded part of the cucumber after peeling because you can make Cucumber water. Throw in a mason jar with water and some lemon slices, put in fridge and VOILA. Yum. Perfect summer time hydration.

So it took cucumbers to energize me to blog. I've had many thoughts about posting but it kept getting pushed out of the way. We had Hanna and Ollie here with us for over a week and we LOVED IT. It felt so good to have them more than a weekend. So suffice it to say things were buuuusssssyyy in this household. Here is a glimpse of our lives lately:

morning snuggles with daddy
This honestly is our morning, EVERDAY! Connor gives lots of hugs and kisses to us both.

Kissy boys indeed

My wonderful kiddos

At Chambers Creek Park
Words can not describe my love of this awesome pic

He wore his brother out!

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