Saturday, April 14, 2012

Loving the weather...

I am greatful/grateful :) for the sunshiny weather. I absolutely felt inspired to blog about my smoothie creation this morning. I should have taken a pic but after one sip, I gulped it down. So lately I have been drawn to eating high raw and in fact, want to give ALL raw a go again (for the billioneth, gajillioneth time). The past week, I did 1 day of raw and the rest were about 50%. Now I do make some exceptions to raw. These I allow non raw to help stick to the rawness plan:

Store bought coconut, almond milk (always unsweetened)
Annie's Dressing (so good on kale)
home popped popcorn in coconut oil (plan to make a big batch for the kids and our saturday night movie night)
I might also have some steamed broccoli later as I am not really a fan of raw broccoli

So I have all my babies here! We hadn't seen the kiddos in 2 weeks due to car issues and Ollie is now having to BEND DOWN to give me a hug. WOWSERS. 

OH the smoothie:
Serves 2

-Whole avocado
-1 Banana
-About 1/2 cup frozen blackberries
-2 cups almond-coconut milk 
-Lots of spirulina manna
-Stevia to sweeten

Its simple, fast and very satisfying.

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