Friday, April 20, 2012

Fantastic friday

I am patting/hugging/congratulating myself on this being the 4th day that I have gone to the gym. I've been doing 15-25 minutes of elliptical and then either arms or legs for weight lifting. I did arms on the first day and today they are STILL sore. Ahhh but its a good pain to have. I have also been high raw for the past 4 days. I haven't achieved a 100% but I'm ok with that. Like yesterday, after a day full of green juice, smoothies and salads, I had 2 peanut butter cookies at my sisters house when I got out of class and had to pick up the baby. Then I came home and had some tea (hoping that would appease the munchy monster). I then proceeded to have an avocado with seaweed and it was good...... but I then ended up with 1 small bowl (hooray for the 1 small bowl) of pirate booty (not vegan doh). Hanna and Ollie came over last night for the weekend so we chilled out to the X files before hitting the hay. Whenever my diet changes (I really need to stop the topsy turvy roller coaster) I noticed I do some detoxing. My days have consisted of MOSTLY juices, smoothies (with so much spirulina) and salads that I'm noticing some side effects. I have itchy red patches on both my elbows with tiny itchy bumps, I've started to get a cold, and my face is not my prettiest. But I know if I keep pushing on this will clear up.

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