Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm moving right along and trying not to beat myself up for not having my ideal diet/exercise. I'm still coping with personal news and issues. I have to say one of the things that got me through were these lovely gentlemen below:

LOL. I <3 Supernatural but we just finished the last of season 6 the other night. *Sigh*. Stinks having to wait until Season 7 is out on DVD.

Anywhoo, the first picture was inspired off a pinterest idea about having a visual for my weight loss goals. I have been stalled at the 130/129 mark for some time now, I'm really wanting to move forward. So any inspiration/motivation is welcome. I have yet to move a pebble though. DOHH!

My eating has been on the whole pretty good if I stay away from my parents and sister's house. And once again, I'm usually doing great all day long but night time comes around and the kids are finally down and I go into munchy overload. I made up a big batch of chia pudding (chia seeds, unsweetened coconut kefir, some unsweetened coco milk, vanilla stevia and a dash of cinammon). Hopefully this sweet treat will help tonight.

I've been working out the last couple days with the aid of my huge dvd collection. Billy Blanks and Tracey Mallet have been working my butt out. I had to cancel my gym membership due to financial difficulties. :( Oh well. The upside is that Oliver has been working out as well, I'm really proud of him.

I started classes up again last night. Tuesday night is skills and Thursday night will be mental health assessment on adults. Yippee. I'm not stressing out too bad, I've had my T night class instructor for the prior 2 quarters so I know what to expect from her. Although we do have an exam this time. Hmmm.

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